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How Religion Affects Israeli Real Estate Investment

The sense of belonging and the shared cultural and religious ties to Israel motivate Jews from abroad to invest in real estate within the country. This not only supports the real estate market but also strengthens the bond between global Jewish communities and Israel.

Israel is a small country with a large and growing population. According to the Jewish Agency, which manages immigration to Israel, the country is expecting to see some 250,000 new Jewish immigrants over the next three to five years . This is a significant increase from the 30,000 that it receives every year on average. The demand for housing in Israel is high, while the supply is low. The result is a steady rise in property prices, which makes real estate a lucrative investment opportunity for both local and foreign buyers.

However, for many Jews from abroad, investing in real estate in Israel is more than just a financial decision. It is also an expression of their connection to their ancestral homeland and their solidarity with their fellow Jews. By owning a property in Israel, they feel that they are part of the country's history and future, and that they are contributing to its development and security. They also enjoy the benefits of having a second home in a beautiful and diverse country, where they can visit or retire.

There are different ways for Jews from abroad to invest in real estate in Israel. One option is to buy a property directly, either for personal use or for rental income. This requires finding a suitable property, negotiating with the seller, hiring a lawyer, paying taxes and fees, and managing the property. Another option is to invest in real estate through the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). There are many real estate companies and even a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) traded on the exchange that give investors the ability

to invest in real estate for very small sums of money. This option offers more diversification, liquidity, and transparency than direct ownership.

Regardless of the method of investment, Jews from abroad who invest in real estate in Israel need to be aware of the legal, financial, and cultural aspects of doing business in Israel. They need to do their due diligence, consult with professionals, and understand the risks and opportunities involved. They also need to respect the local customs and regulations, and be sensitive to the social and environmental impact of their investment.

Investing in real estate in Israel is not only a smart way to grow one's wealth, but also a meaningful way to connect with one's roots and support one's people. By investing in real estate in Israel, Jews from abroad are not only buying a piece of land, but also a piece of history and identity.

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