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Attorney Maya Sela


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Adv. Maya May-Tal Sela is a lawyer who is considered a professional legal authority in the world of real estate in Israel. Maya has extensive experience with complex real estate transactions in the range of hundreds of millions of shekels in various fields, including residential buildings, City Renewal ('Tama 38'), commercial real estate and more.

Maya has extensive experience in the field of real estate entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on urban renewal issues and TAMA 38, in which she accompanies tenants and entrepreneurs.

Maya provided legal consulting to complex real estate transactions in the scope of hundreds of millions of NIS in various fields, including residential, commercial real estate and more.c.
in which she conducted commercial and legal negotiations for leading companies in Israel, including companies included in the TA 25 stock exchange index.

Maya Has extensive experience and familiarity with municipal institutions and state institutions, including the Israel Land Administration, the tax authorities, local authorities and municipal committees.

Maya is dedicated to providing uncompromising personal and high-quality legal services, which constantly leads her clients to achieve their in impressive success in all types of transactions.

Maya believes that the ultimate channel lies in a sophisticated combination of the business needs of the client and the unique legal requirements arising from each case or transaction.
Maya's ability to lead complex projects and pull the right strings, while maintaining professional ethics and uncompromising professional standards, emphasizes her legal abilities and her full efforts to achieve the goal - the client's success.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Legal Services for Entrepreneurs                                                                                   

  • Real Estate investments in Israel & Abroad

  • Purchase and Sell of Residential Properties

  • Real Estate Taxation

  • Corporate law


  • LL.B. summa cum laude.

Contact Details

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